All types of Dogs in the World

Do you know who is today the best friend of man from animals? For those who do not know the answer is a dog! The world exists 800 species of dogs of different colors and sizes.

Today the world there are 800 species of dogs and the total number of these animals now has about 45 million, which can be seen everywhere on Earth. The dog is currently the largest animal that exists in the world and every year their number increases. There are several types, shapes and colors of dogs and all kinds of dogs are themselves diverse and different from others. There are dogs that can rise half a meter but there are some species that can grow several meters.

There are domestic dogs which are highly related with the man but there are some very rare, which are dangerous and living far away in people. However, these dangerous dogs, there are very few and they are rare. Dog people use us in different situations, but we are close to them because of love. It may be useful to us as a guardian or guide. According to some scientific research Dogs today are living on Earth about 8,000 years. According to some stories from the past dog for the first time he met with the man and became his friend somewhere on the continent of Asia.

I do not know the exact date but according to some estimates believe that it was somewhere between 1200 and 1300 years. It is interesting that the dog has a very strong smell and his sense of more than 50 times stronger than man. There is a very strong love between dog and man, and so at the very beginning of a very strong link that connects man and dog. The dog will still accept it as if your family member to look at you as your boss. The dog will love you and wherever you go on that you will always follow.

There are still some types of Dogs used for needs of the people and for a job that some smart dogs can perform. I do not know the exact data of the animals developed dog is true but according to some estimates say that the dog emerged from the Coyote or Wolf. This has not been proven either, but thought to be the dog came just one of these animals. On average, a dog today can live between 12 and 15 years. However, as with people, there are some cases in which a dog exceeds this limit. Thus in 1974 in a small town in eastern States a dog was 19 years old when he lost his life. These are rare cases that are now very rare event.

There are different types of Dogs that may have the following colors such as black, white, yellow, brown and many other colors that when mixed occurs very unusual and interesting color that dog can get. In Africa there are various drawings on the walls that say that and then the animals were popular. Maybe not so much as a dog today, because today you can see in almost every home and the dog can help and benefit people in a variety of purposes. The Biggest and largest dog in the world are smart animals and if a little more about them, they make sure you can hear very well and useful.

Biggest enemy is cat.Dogs is now a dog does not like cats, and why is it so nobody knows. The dog is one of the smartest animals and it is a fact. Perhaps because it was already several hundred years, in addition to man and that the time used to life in humans. Labrador Retriever is still the most popular types of dogs that live everywhere on Earth. Labrador Retriever is a favorite dog in the UK, States and Europe. This dog belongs to a very smart animals and very good and quiet dogs. Some say that it is precisely this kind of dogs the best friend a man has in animals today.

Different types of dogs with pictures

Let type dogs are very popular and people love you all.


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